Summit Lighthouse Guiding Principles

  It is crucial to realize that the Summit Lighthouse DOES NOT OPERATE in reality by the motif of Saint Peter holding the keys.  The following Teachings describe well our guiding principles:

1)  We need lightbearers everywhere, but the nucleus here must surely be strong to maintain a flame that is able to withstand the increasing onslaughts of the fallen ones, who know the source of their challengers, who know the source of the light that does defy their evil deeds and their darkness.  Thus, beloved, [if we are] to increase the great body of lightbearers worldwide we must have a commensurate increase of those who keep the flame of Alpha and Omega, whether in their private settlements and homes or serving on this staff.  That body of lightbearers must increase, for it is the nucleus of a sun that does make possible all that does take place throughout the planet.     -Helios:  7-4-1991 at RTR

2)  The temptation to enter the left-handed path comes to individuals in every religious movement.  There are always some who are infested with foul spirits, and the open door to those spirits is always anger and pride and the desire for power and the power to control others.  And the more individuals are puffed up in this state the more they attract to themselves false hierarchs       -Vairochana:  12-31-1993 at RTR
3)  For the lie itself is infectious and it is a seducing spirit that would seduce the Woman and Her seed.  And this seduction is in the mind, it is in the soul, it is in the chakras.     
-Saint Germain:  Pearl 26:42
4)  Without the Lawgiver the organization will fall; the mantle of Teacher passes to one passing the test of the ten.  Headquarters as Spirit, field as matter in a polarity; the one with the highest consciousness has the right to lead.    -Guru Ma
5)  spiritual exercise alone without obedience to karmic precepts and the divine plan for man may be of limited value to the aspirant     -Serapis:  Dossier on the Ascension
6)  To tell all is to enchain; but to awaken strivings and indicate a direction is the true task of the Teaching….the human task is to find the direction of the Cosmic Magnet by propelling thoughts toward the common good….One should know one direction and know not to change the destined; thus let us apply the same law throughout life.            -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929, pt. 642; Infinity 2, 1930, pt. 477; Fiery World 1934, pt. 164.
7)  When I took my leave there was one to whom the mantle fell, our own dear Elizabeth.  But when her ascension comes I daresay there shall be, as it were, a casting of lots for the robe.  For it shall fall to many–not divided but multiplied again and again.       -Lanello:  7-4-1979
8)   I come to remind you that you are called to hold a nucleus of light in the heart of America, a magnet in that Inner Retreat that will be as a Great Central Sun Magnet sending forth the rays, even the heart’s rays, of the devotion of Akhenaten in your own Lanello….
Let there be a spiritual community of lightbearers of Europe who by proxy hold then the focalpoint of the mantle of God-government in Europe!       -Saint Germain:  5-3-1981 at Camelot
9)  Therefore listen well.  And beware of deviations whereby the Teachings may be used to promote other social or materialistic or economic causes thereby forgetting that we entice not the people to find the Teachings and follow those of the ascended masters for outer benefit but by the sacred fire for the purging of the soul and the path of eternal Life.      
 -Mighty Victory:  3-23-1986 via Messenger E C Prophet
10)   Know then, beloved, that in increments you receive the Holy Spirit even as in increments you lose the Holy Spirit if you do not move in pathways of love, move in pathways whereby the road is long, the road is hard….For as long as you serve, beloved, know that to give of yourself to the Holy Spirit, to purge yourself of all that is anti-the Holy Spirit, to do what it takes for that transformation–this do.          -El Morya:  6-30-1997 at San Diego via Messenger ECP
11)  Whereas God-obedience is the key that unlocks the Western Shamballa, so that flame of God-victory does unlock the door to the Retreat of the Divine Mother.     -Gautama Buddha:  12-31-1989 at RTR
 -Archeia Mary, by Ruth Hawkins

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