“The beauty of striving opens all paths.”

285.  Only when a action is permeated with fire does it create.  Only when all torches are kindled does the light smite darkness.  Therefore all which is constructed by us withstands powerfully, and the basis of striving attracts fiery impulses.  We, Brothers of humanity, create through the lever of the heart, and we say “The beauty of striving opens all paths.”

286.  When a new step is being built the cosmic striving shifts all encumbrances.  The law of (cosmic) shifting and the law of construction are directed toward the one focus.

287.  Those strivings which go against the current of the Cosmic Magnet alert a multitude of consciousnesses through the symbol of the sword.  The developed spirit gives the power of consciousness to the sword, and the cosmic striving develops the impulse of urgency.

288.  The sword of the spirit impels all tensed consciousnesses.  Each consciousness which strives to a (cosmic) shifting creates in collaboration with the Cosmic Magnet.

291.  Each new step of evolution requires a shifting.

295.  Therefore when we send someone for an achievent we first impart the urge toward a new consciousness.

296.  The expansion of consciousness is the goal of our striving, and when our co-workers carry this vessel a full cooperation is affirmed.   -Morya:  Infinity 2, 1930


  When you train the inner eye then and fix it upon the star of the crown chakra the Kundalini shall rise, the wisdom of heaven shall be open to you–[and then] thou shalt never be called fool, thou shalt outsmart and outwit the sinister minds who would defeat your course….

  Shall all of this Royal Teton Retreat be for naught?  Or [shall] all of Hierarchy’s planning for aeons not be seized by you as you would pluck a most beautiful flower from a shrub?….We speak because some, as the slowing down on a conveyer-belt, have fallen back and backwards but know it not.    -Kuthumi:  6-30-1988 at RTR, Montana, see http://books.google.com/books?id=hMRP0f-zVK0C&pg=PA461&dq=clare+prophet+1969+pearls&hl=en&sa=X&ei=pCDzUYUD57yLAtjhgNgG&ved=0CDMQ6AEwAQ#v=



   This tapestry of the thoughtform of the year woven by angels will hang in the Grand Teton Retreat for all to see.  It shows that America shall return, deserving to be then the nation sponsored by Saint Germain, her people going forth to transfer his science, his economy, his religion, his way of life, which represents that of the entire Great White Brotherhood, to every nation.
  It shows that there is a key, and the key is that America must come to her original purpose and fulfill it.…it is truly a requirement that English be taught in the very lower schools to the littlest children of every nation upon Earth.  For this you must decree.  For, beloved, how can they choose a path and a Master whose language and writings and entire dispensations and initiations are in a language that is foreign to them?  Whether for commerce or education or the arts or bro­therhood, there are manifold reasons why this, the language so rich in its incorporation of many other languages, should be the common knowledge of every schoolchild throughout the planet.
  Thus the thoughtform for the year may appear complex, but then the organization, the path and even the awareness of the average chela has also become complex in a nuclear and space age–an age of computers and technology accelerating the capacity of the mind to know Truth in every area of learning.  Thus I say to you, beloved, that the complexity of your understanding of the path can always be reduced to the simple simplicity of the Law of the One.   -Gautama Buddha:  1-1-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles
Charles Sindelar illustrations:

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