All beings who have identified with God throughout the ages are connected by the Brotherhood. -Nada





  All beings who have identified with God throughout the ages are connected by the Brotherhood.  And therefore no one is admitted to this august company who cannot be trusted to hold the harmony of the weavings of light….(we include) a few who have gained self-mastery who yet walk the earth in physical embodiment.  These few are counted to be worthy of membership and are indeed needed in the Brotherhood to anchor this great web of light and reason into material form.    -Nada:  10-11-1973 at Santa Barbara via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood E C Prophet, in Lords of the Seven Rays

  We all are not yet, e.g., candidates for the ascension.  We all as yet do not hold in the physical plane a limitless bank account, for reasons known by one’s Holy Christ Self.  Some however play a game of (sometimes limitless) pride:  e.g., “I can create new holy orders”; “(I say that so-and-so) has not the backing of Hierarchy”; “My twinflame is Nada (at least David Lewis said so!)”*

  Some claim to know/believe that inside Mount Shasta some masters operate.  A lady from the East Coast decided circa 1990s to call that place “Telos”–and so a local rumor runs on here in the town of Mt. Shasta.  Yet Phylos in his circa 1900 book–in which he taught karma and reincarnation by character-dramas in Atlantean days and thereafter–revealed something of a mystery within the volcanic mountain called Shasta.  

  I consider that there is a point of discernment/discrimination possible upon propositions/attitudes touching upon the subject of Hierarchy, or in fact touching upon the truth/falsity more broadly–some of these propositions/attitudes involving “colored balloons” that are often there for show or for deception or for frivolity.  In *above first Andrew Blumenschein was trying to get something going, then it was Linda Worobec who launched that judgment/character assassination in terms of a Russian group, then it was Norman Thomas Miller who spouted what some think is wisdom but in any case would be a quite private matter.  Not all motivations are pure or selfless, while some are of mercy.

  Some of us vacillate between wanting a carte blanche from life and having a deeper motive.  These cases might be aided by the Brotherhood, according to Phylos’ book.

  Another case involves a mathematical riddle proposed by Fermat a few centuries ago that involves prime numbers.  In 1995 Dr. Andrew Wiles of Princeton U. presented a 100+ pages math paper purporting to have proved out the riddle successfully.  He was widely acclaimed and even knighted.  “His proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem has stood up to the scrutiny of the world’s mathematical experts,” claims someone via wikipedia,


By the CNN Wire Staff
March 31, 2010 9:19 p.m. EDT
In a stunning move yesterday, the University of Moscow announced that famed reclusive mathematical genius Grigori Perelman, during the course of checking Andrew Wiles’ proof of what is commonly known as Fermat’s Last Theorem, found an error in one of the theoretical calculations. That mistake renders Wiles’ proof of the infamous, nearly 400-year old theory utterly null and void.
  What can one do in terms of “colored balloons” in various propositions, or come-ons, intended or otherwise?  One has reference to common sense, to analysis of interior consistence and clarity in the proposition, and to quiet reflection.  The ascended masters make huge effort to help us in this process.
 -R, Mt. Shasta, California
  The invasion of the microcosmic circle can occur only when men relinquish their right to both conscious and subconscious control of their energies and worlds by admitting in place of the perfect ideas of God the thoughts and feelings of the mass synthetic consciousness.  Filling as it were brightly colored balloons of myriad shapes, these thought and feeling forms–which can be seen at astral levels by those who are clairvoyant–are actually floating grids and forcefields of the mass mind.
  The invasion of the microcosm then takes place in the following manner:  first man opens the lens of his consciousness to imperfect images which are sometimes seen and sometimes felt.    -Messengers M & E Prophet:  Path of the Higher Self, 2003, p. 33, see

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