I, Cuzco, mindful of the transcendence of His light, mindful of the flame that burns in the heart of the Brotherhood,




The light seems brightest in contrast with the deepening darkness and at the Mithraic time of the year, at winter solstice, men celebrate with joy and feelings of peace the coming of the greater light (of the year).

Beloved ones, recognition is the key!–recognition chorused by the Sons of the Morning

echoing over the fields in the harmonized rapture of the angels; recognition nestled peacefully in Mother Mary’s heart to be long pondered; recognition steady as a rock in the strong arm of Joseph….Yes, it is more blessed to be God and give than to be man and receive.    -Kuthumi, see http://books.google.com/books?id=1X2QVI5tIhIC&pg=PA108&dq=clare+prophet+mithraic&hl=en&sa=X&ei=s73YUfXeIeitiAKxtYGABA&ved=0CDUQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20mithraic&f=false


INITIATION into the Mysteries was defined by the ancient philosophers as life’s supreme adventure and as the greatest good that can be conferred upon the human soul during its terrestrial sojourn.  Plato, in the Phaedrus, writes thus of the supreme importance of acceptance into the sacred Rites: “Likewise, in consequence of this divine initiation, we become spectators of entire, simple, immovable and blessed visions in a pure light; and were ourselves pure and immaculate and liberated from this surrounding vestment which we denominated body, and to which we are now bound as an oyster to its shell.”…

To increase in wisdom is to increase in enlightenment, for by enlightenment is inferred the illumining of the inner recesses of the reason by the light of the Logos–the spiritual sun. This development of the ability to know by philosophic discipline is accompanied by extensions of realization and appreciation. These extensions are the true growth of the soul which increases towards inclusiveness.  Hence in the sacred writings this expansion of the soul’s sphere of action is called initiation.  By initiation the indwelling divinity verges towards its own cause, the eternal Good….

The academies of the old Mysteries invited the wisest and best of humanity to depart from the mortal shadow of worldliness and devote itself to those labors which are truly eternal. The perfection of Self is the Great Work, the beginning and end of wisdom:  the perfected Self is the perfect offering and the consummation of the Great Work.  He who is perfect is of the greatest use to others, the greatest good to himself and the most acceptable offering to the Most High.    -notes/commentries to Comte de Saint Germain’s Most Holy Trinosophia, 1933 by Phoenix Press


Two stumbling blocks equally dangerous will constantly present themselves to you.  One of them would outrage the sacred rights of every individual.  It is Misuse of the power which God will have entrusted to you; the other which would bring ruin upon you is Indiscretion….Both are born of the same mother, both owe their existence to pride.  Human frailty nourishes them; they are blind; their mother leads them.  With her aid these two Monsters carry their foul breath even into the hearts of the Lord’s Elect.  Woe unto him who misuses the gifts of heaven in order to serve his passions. The Almighty Hand that made the elements subject to him, would break him like a fragile reed.  An eternity of torments could hardly expiate his crime. The Infernal Spirits would smile with contempt at the tears of the one whose menacing voice had so often made them tremble in the bosom of their fiery depths.

  It is not for you, Philochatus, that I sketch this dreadful picture.  The friend of humanity will never become its persecutor . . . The precipice, my son, which I fear for you, is Indiscretion, the imperious craving to inspire astonishment and admiration.  God leaves to men the task of punishing the imprudent minister who permits the eye of the profane to look into the mysterious sanctuary.  Oh Philochatus, may my sorrows be ever present in your mind.
-Comte de Saint Germain:  Most Holy Trinosophia, 1933, Phoenix Press
  These who went forth one day must needs graduate from the schoolrooms of mortal experience wearing not only the majesty of the eternal Christ and the star of Victory but the laurels of meritorious accomplishment….
  Then came the latter manifestation of shame and darkness concerning the procreative act.   And the immaculate concept was no more, but animalism and darkness and shame shrouded the manifestation of the sons of God, and hope was banished from the earth, and the flame of Eden went out as the two-edged sword of the Word took command of all things according to the ancient decree of the Brotherhood….
  So when the divine mind of the Christ is restored and the carnal mind has blinked out, when the nirvannic fires have actually created an annihilation pattern upon all that is banal and carnal in man, then the transmutative fires have performed their perfect work and man stands forth once again clothed upon with his right mind–the mind of Christ and the swaddling garments of life which originally gave him birth–then at that blessed moment the Son of God appears….
  I, Cuzco, mindful of the transcendence of His light, mindful of the flame that burns in the heart of the Brotherhood, am able to see tonight the activities that are going on throughout your own beloved America, and we are witnessing how the powers of darkness are acting throughout various racial groups in manifestation, how they are acting in the various youth groups of the world seeking to create the seeds of anarchy and revolution whereby the beauty of the original concepts that have flowered in America which actually embody many most wonderful similes and allegories should cease and vanish from the Earth….
  And the children of God, the children of the sun, the children of light that are clothed upon with the sacred fire, they would be of all people most persecuted and cast into pits to be destroyed by those who are the children of Belial.

  The children of the sun then and the cosmic purposes of God would be thwarted and this Earth thrust backwards in time over 2000 years into pitfalls of darkness and mideval concepts, that even though the world should manifest the greatest scientific achievements, it would be an empty and hollow mockery of cosmic purpose and universal grace.
  I, Cuzco, am come then this night in the name of Almighty God to say: Let it not be so, let it not be so, let it not be so….

   And as you behold them you say to yourself, “There by the grace of God shall I go, for I will walk that grand pathway of light that goeth up through interstellar space and moves directly to the heart of God by the impulse of His love.  I will move through it and I will see that my experiences upon this star, upon the star Terra, these are only the love-embraces of God,” the chastenings that God brings to all in the experience world that He may confer upon all the crown of life and the golden band of holy illumination uniting purified hearts with purified hearts and putting an end to those destructive images of the bottomless pit that have sought to distort the various portions of the human body and have destroyed and sought to destroy symmetry upon earth and have performed the chaotic imaginings of the powers of darkness–that because they refuse to put upon themselves the images of the light have sought the competitive and destructive intent–to manifest the most distorted and variegated images that could ever be produced, each one seeking to outdo the other in the creation of horror and horrific manifestations.
  We who are of the light say, They have their day, and their day will end.  They have their day and the light shall defend the cosmic principle of the universal Son of God in the young people of all ages.  And the purity of heart that is the flame of cosmic purpose born in man, borne by the angelic host, shall recreate the divine image and you will see mass ascensions whereby the youth of this world because of their devotion to the sacred cause will in garments of stainless purity, in garments of white light stand upon the summits and hillsides of the world in a semicircle and a circle closed.  Andthey shall then many times ascend en masse as Jesus did from Bethany’s Hill….
  Hear ye the Word of the Lord:  Return and rebuild My temple.  Rebuild My temple in your lives and as you do it well, rebuild and you will see the universal cult of the Mother of the World and the Divine Manchild produce as the chemicalization of cosmic Law the building of the twelve foundation stones of the New Jerusalem in mortal substance and form, to be raised up to meet God in the air and see the New Jerusalem then reborn.
  I, Cuzco, in the name of God have conferred upon you an initiation of sorts which to some will become real this night and to others will gleam as a cross of beauty in the light of their souls to give them hope through all the days to come to follow the Lord through all the days of their life and to take delight in His Law.        -Cuzco:  4-4-1969 via Messenger Mark Prophet

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