the basis of anguish and alarm is one, namely, the austere part of the battle -M

There is no more opportunity for me to give my diamonds of goodwill to those lacking in goodwill. Therefore, let chelas throughout the world who have basked in the light of our releases know that there is a price to pay.  It is time to put LOVE into your decrees and not to sit and decree by rote.  We are grateful for the words.  We are grateful for the energy, but after all, while you are putting in the words and the energy, can you not sprinkle in a little love, a little visualization, a little thought of the ascended masters who have sacrificed for you?

Be not overconfident of our position.  On the rolling logs going down the rivers of the world moving, you have to remain surefooted to remain on those logs.  You are yet in time and space.  You have not yet confirmed your individuality in the flame.
   Do not take for granted the fires of the hearth of the Mother.  They will not always be there.  As time and space move you will find yourself sometime, somewhere totally on your own.
  And if the fire of your heart is not sufficient you will freeze in the cold of the world’s neglect of the teaching.  Some day you will have to rely upon your heart alone for sustenance, for flow, for tie to Hierarchy, for your own ascension.

You must learn to know when you are living off the light of another and when you are living on your own attainment.  This is not a game.  This is serious.  I have come from the Royal Teton to give you a report on the world situation.  My remarks thus far are prologue for I need to speak to the chelas.

I need to make clear that it doesn’t matter what you think you have given, your gift is not enough.  It does not matter how you assess your progress.  I say, your progress is lacking. 

We are entering a period of the step up of the energies of light and darkness, as you have been told before.  And so you say, “Yes, yes, Morya, we have heard it before.”  And so the great cosmic epoch of the coming of the World Mother becomes a drone in your consciousness because you have heard it before. 
Well I speak it again for it is the greatest moment in all cosmic history when the Divine Mother returns incarnate, in flesh, in the flame of living fire….
This is my word.   This is my warning.  And I have said it for the last time. 
I will not have the play of power around our Messenger.
 I will not have the interference with her work by the petty consciousness of those who intrude with every form of petty problem upon the time of the Messenger. 

You must rise.   We have descended as low as we can go and that low is the level of your Christ self.   Unless you rise to that level you will have the responsibility of having broken the tie to Hierarchy.  And then you will see what it is to swim in the depths of the astral sea without the lifeline, without the cord of oxygen to the mothership.    -Morya:  11-16-1975  via Messenger ECP
  This is the law of integrity (i.e., the soul’s inner integration with the Spirit Most Holy) which is the foundation of existence.  Each one of us must be able to defeat any and every type of invading force that seeks to cross the line–the circle–of our integral selfhood, as Above so below in heaven and on earth.     -Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Pearl 31:71C
Deviations from the Law have many consequences, far beyond what you realize.  Like the rings that form after you throw a stone into the water so the ripples of inharmony continue and the karma is great.    -Saint Germain:  7-4-1974 via Messenger ECP
71.  Solemnity is not rest, not satisfaction, not the end but precisely the beginning, precisely determination and progress on the way to light.  Hardships are inevitable, as the wheels of striving….The victory of spirit is in the assertion of unalterable principles.      
103.  Keeping a correct direction is already a victory.  Our help is ready to pour forth but it must be for someone and into something.  Who then can aid us with straight and simple striving?  The heart will help find this current and also the true path.    
121.  When the builders of a great plan are called there can be no relativity.  When the hour is dangerous the heart aches.  One may think of many causes but the basis of anguish and alarm is one, namely, the austere part of the battle.  It would be impossible to imagine a battle as an advance without obstacles.  Thus we are on guard and we call the co-workers to stand solidly. 
209.  Do not be frightened when the great days come.  When you examine the armor you know that victory is accorded only by trust and by the heart.  Where the forces are assembled one can find true victories for oneself.  
353.  The heart thinks, the heart affirms, the heart unifies….So also will the victory upon the field of Armageddon remain with the heart.  Hence I counsel to preserve the heart as the smiting sword against all evil.      -Morya:  Heart 1932

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