Hope presents itself in the rising sun. -Mighty Victory

…but behind the appearance world and even beyond the psyche of men above all outer manifestation is to be found the comfort of the Holy Spirit.  The fact that other men have not seen with their eyes or handled with their minds the true concepts of what God really is, of what spiritual power is, can do no more than temporarily hinder the manifestation of your own cosmic victory.  And even this need not be if you reject the skepticism of the mass mind that palls the spiritual senses.  Victory is inherent within the universe….Will you let the continuity of divine purpose bathe you right now with its omnipotent light and imbue you with the sense of your own continuing victory?  There is no need to struggle, for man is by the grace of God like unto a ball of fire welcoming a transcendent dawn.  Hope presents itself in the rising sun.  It is the miracle behind all nature, and it is the miracle behind man….

What is it, beloved ones, that the carnal mind desires to foster upon mankind if it is not fear, doubt and discouragement?  For wherever there is a lack of faith truly no great works are possible…When you permit your consciousness to be dragged down by the influences of others, by idle chatter in the marketplace unfounded in fact, when you allow yourself to lose your perspective, it is then that you lose your momentum of the victorious sense….By the indomitable sense of universal victory anchored within yourself you will find a new faith pervading your universe….

How can man die save he extinguish himself by the sense of sin?  He must learn to draw strength from the reservoir of overcoming power which God placed in Jesus and in everyone reborn in Christ.  This is that divine power which abolishes sin by the law of perfection and love, by the law of victory that supplants death and defeat….

Man can be the master of cycles.  By the victorious sense he can hold his mind firm in the certitude of God.  His victory is not based on mortal opinion but on the constancy of faith and good works.      -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:1, see http://books.google.com/books?id=qkJDxlcItV8C&pg=PA2&dq=clare+prophet+hope+presents&hl=en&sa=X&ei=U7q7Ubn0B6LcyQGawYC4Dw&ved=0CC8Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20hope%20presents&f=false


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