China’s Record in the Developing World, 2013

1) …to help develop infrastructure in Xinjiang: in May 2010 the Chinese government approved a project budget–up to 2016–of between $17-22 billion….At the same time the new infrastructure will create endless oppurtunities for trade in Central Asia and beyond.
-Cardenas and Araujo: China’s Silent Army, Crown, NY, 2013, pp. 46-7.
2) “All opium sold in Hpakant, Burma is distributed by only two Chinese companies who are also involved in [jade] mining,” states a report by Kachin News Group….In 2008 a local priest stated that over 100,000 young people under the age of 40 had died in Kachin (north Burma) between 1997-2007 as a direct consequence of the drug” (often heroin, leading also to syringe infection. The Chinese are also stripping off the forests and mining the gold.)
-ibid., pp. 83-4
3) This double game (in Sudan) in which Beijing acts as a supposedly responsible power on the one hand and as a loyal ally of al-Bashir on the other has allowed Chinese military trucks, fighter aircraft and semi-automatic weapons to fall into the hands of China’s Sudanese associates. According to several reports by the UN, these weapons have contributed to the deaths of at least 300,000 people. -ibid., p. 116
4) “The number of Chinese companies sanctioned by the US has fallen since 2002. At the beginning of the century 15 or 16 Chinese companies were sanctioned each year. Now it’s barely 3 or 4 per year, and none of the big Chinese oil companies are included in that number,” John Garver, professor of international relations at the Georgia Inst. of Tech. -ibid., p. 121 (no doubt the investments from America into China as well as tech transfer have increased since 2000 also.)
5) “There’s a world of difference between what China says it is doing out of solidarity with our country and its real actions. In actual fact China just robs you and takes away everything it can,” said Hector Ciavaldini, once one of (Venezuela) Chavez’ most staunch supporters. -ibid., p. 135
6) (As well as oil,) China’s main interest in Equador is its mining sector where enormous reserves of copper, gold and silver remain relatively intact.
-ibid., p. 150
7) A. Burgues, Costa Rica’s first ambassador to Beijing, stated: “China wants to Africanize Latin America. They see us as poverty-stricken and corrupt.” -ibid., pp. 153-4
8) What would you think if I told you that China is here to help Zambia?” Zambian miners’ answer is instinctive and fierce: “Lies! Nothing but lies!” they shout angrily, almost in unison….
“The unions are very active, but the government prefers to protect investors over the people,” the union leader Boyd Chibale told us during our meeting in Kitwe. While Lusaka dreams of riches become a reality, 80% of the Copperbelt’s population live on less than $2 a day, with Beijing’s complicity….Is China really an opportunity for the developing world, we asked ourselves throughout the course of our travels. -ibid., pp. 174-6
9) The all-powerful Chinese state, capable of investing in projects across the planet and exerting its draconian control over a population of 1.3 billion people, was incapable of bringing a modest Chinese company (in Gabon) into line after it exposed Chinese citizens to cruel and illegal abuse (unpaid slave labor with no recourse). Liu Senlin explains that the Chinese embassy rejection left them with no alternative but to turn to the local and international press. -ibid., pp. 180-2
10) For a start the value of the resources that China will obtain by exploiting the Congolese mines overwhelmingly exceeds its investment. While the state-owned Chinese companies will bring $6 billion to the table, the amount of profit that the cobalt and copper could yied for the joint enterprise will potentially reach between $40-120 billion….Morevover, if the mining continues at the expected rate, the country’s copper and cobalt reserves will be completely exhausted in less than three decades. -ibid., pp. 199-200
11) “The sector here is dirty and corrupt. Chinese corruption has filled the pockets of Mozambique’s middle and lower levelofficials. The provincial forestry services have got rich very quickly,” said Ana Alonso. -ibid., p. 205
12) Lately Nepal, India’s traditional ally, is now under Beijing’s control, and that places it firmly in the Chinese camp in the battle against the Tibetan movement in exile (in northern India). -ibid., p. 223
13) Indian military analyst Uday Bhaskar warned us during our meeting: “When China becomes more powerful, it will act in a more assertive way.” -ibid., p. 234
14) “This 21st century is the century for China to lead the world. And when you are leading the world, we want to be close behind you,” said then Nigerian Pres. Obasanjo during Hu Jintao’s visit in 2006. -ibid., p. 254
15) “A country with free speech is wonderful because things can be exposed to society. Rule of law is fundamental to the consolidation of democracy; you cannot fight corruption where rule of law is not respected,: said Paulus Noa, director of Anti-Corruption Commission in Namibia. “If we allow the Chinese or anyone else to come here and corrupt every official here, I am telling you: the future and democracy of this country will become very very weak.” -ibid., p. 260
16) “The West wants to impose its own system on the world everywhere from China to the Middle East. They want to testablish an agenda based on human rights and democracy. But we ask ourselves why we should follow this model when it is perhaps out of date,” say Li Guofu, a Chinese diplomat. -ibid., p. 261
17) China‘s state budget in 2010 assigned more funds to the country’s internal security ($85 billion) than to its armed forces ($82.7 billion) for the first time. -ibid., p. 264


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