Gradations of vibration are subtle -Gautama

   …if there be sorrow, there is sorrow in my heart first for those who are of God who become the unwitting carriers of the seeds of evil.

  So it was with Judas; so it was with this son.  Realize then that there was a determination of Satan to place in his heart the seed of betrayal.  Blessed ones, this act of the fallen ones perpetrated against the lightbearers must be understood.  For you see it is an implant in the very heart of hearts, in the very seat of consciousness where the conscious mind believes itself to be in full control…

  (Jesus) passed the tests of divinity–the three tests of Satan directed to the line of the Father, the line of the Son and the line of the Holy Spirit.  These tests he passed in the name of his love for Mother, Mother symbolized in Eve–I-Eva–Mother in the universal sense, Mother as a flame in his heart, Mother as the Word incarnate….

  You cannot mount the mount of God’s love, you cannot climb step by step the highest mountain of God’s holiness unless with each step you have overcome the pull of earth, the gravity, the thinning of the air and all of the challenges that are there.  But most of all you must overcome planes of the human consciousness, planes of self-limitation, binding laws of mortality….

  Therefore if there be sorrow on Good Friday it is because I see that those who ought to be in the next spiral of their overcoming have setback after setback because they wax hot and cold.  They do not see themselves as that yo-yo that goes back and forth between the influence of the Fallen One and the influence of the Christ….

  All the more why those betrayers even of the Mother and my heart, even of the Messengers and the Teaching take this hour and opportunity to attempt to strike a blow against the expansion that has become a mighty release of light….

  In hours of initiation when you must deal with the total planetary consciousness and karma you will spend all of your energy in dealing with that initiation.  And therefore make haste to complete the work of your life so that one day when you are called–always unexpectantly as a thief in the night as the bridegroom comes–so understand that Maitreya will call you and you will be ready, and others may fulfill and continue what you have begun.

  Remember also the suddenness of the sowing of the seed of betrayal and the turning of a consciousness.  So also is the suddenness of the divine encounter and the conversion unto Christ.  Each one bespeaks that something–some very important thing–has entered the world of the individual, something of the absolute order of things–absolute Good or absolute Evil.

  These forces exist.  Though you may not see them you see them clearly in the consequences of men’s lives and the choices they make.  Something from without, something from within–the chemistry changes and a new identity appears….

  Let be the incarnate light!  Let be the Chosen One!  Let be the universality of the Christed ones, and let all become lilies in the field of the Lord–as Above in Elysium, so below.


-Archeia Mary, by Ruth Hawkins    

-Mother Mary:  4-1-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles; see


  Gradations of vibration are subtle, beloved, and the one least aware of his own fluctuation is the individual himself.  Only a single blindspot and one (thinking he is yet in the corona of the Sun) may have strayed many miles from the highest vibration of Maitreya.  Many have not understood what is known as the fall of angels, but I tell you, beloved, the descent is always by imperceptible degrees….

  Blessed ones, to know that one has erred or failed is the most important news one can receive when in a situation where opportunity is yet available.   -Gautama Buddha:  12-31-1986 at RTR, Montana; see


“We will stand and still stand under the Mighty I AM Presence, and we will defend our right to be–against all enemies, the forces of nonbeing, darkness and death!”

  So this is the voice of the soul of America that must be heard, that must be articulated because messengers of my message have dared to teach them how to pray, how to decree, how to stand feet firmly upon the soil, and still stand, and to know God:  To dare, to do, to be silent and to be His voice when called….

  O beloved, in lthis hour of heaven’s rejoicing and God-determination and renewed expansiveness from the heart of the Goddess of Liberty know then that the light will protect its own as its own will serve the light and give the mantra of Light! Light! Light! Light! O Son of God, appear!

  Therefore claim:  I AM in the whirling vortex of archangels.  I AM in the center of the One.  And I AM on earth victorious in the flame of God-freedom.  Lo, I AM that God-freedom unto America!…And lo, I AM in the center of the One.  And even as the shaft of light does accelerate up, so it does accelerate into the heart of the earth.  And there in the center of the One I hold the balance for evolutionary life till all be fulfilled, till karma be expiated, till Earth come into alignment, till the golden age appear–else till the new planet and the new world appear.    

-Saint Germain:  4-18-1987 at Dallas via Messenger E C Prophet; see




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