5 key facts of worldwide standard of measures and weights

1.  All our weights & measures standards derive originally from the measure of length.


2.  The (length) standard of the Great Pyramid is the old Egyptian royal cubit = 20.6357 inches.    -Stecchini, pp. 311, 320 of Secrets of the Great Pyramid by P. Tompkins, 1971.

(1 inch = .0254 meters    -British Imperial inch of 1824 and US inch of Congressional Act of 1928)

3.  Newton used 20.63 old British inches = 1 royal cubit of Memphis, based upon Greaves’ Kings Chamber measurement–the room would thus be 20 X 10 royal cubits.  (But the British changed their length unit, making it one-thousandth larger in 1824.)

4.  Length of Egypt from Delta baseline at 31 degrees 6 minutes North to 24 degrees 0 minutes North is traditionally given as 1,500,000 royal cubits of .5241483 meters each.

-Stecchini, ibid., p. 321

5.  1000 royal cubits/second is Earth’s rotation speed, according to Tompkins and Stecchini, and that is why the ancient Egyptians enlightenly chose that unit of measure.

The reason I cite these 5 key facts is that a very great amount of confusion has for very long surrounded the issue of the standards of measures and weights–what they clearly are and where they came from originally.     -Roger


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