The Strategy Behind Wall Street Raping America

Mammon Imperative #1:  Reward pure greed–Wall Street runs with this maxim, then gets the US government to run with it, who in turn decide that the US taxpayers must underwrite the whole maxim to their/our last dime.

Mammon Imperative #2:  Focus on paper money.  It moves faster, and can be manipulated many more ways, than the gold standard ever could or can or will be manipulated.  Therefore AIG built by Maurice Greenberg underwrote big Wall Street banks, but not with gold.  He also got G. W. Bush post-2001 to have US taxpayers  underwrite any terrorist attack/damage of Wall Street.  When in 2008 Wall Street’s toxic paper rose so high, it was AIG at the center of the mess that “had to be” bailed out by the taxpayer.  Would Wall Street billionaires collectively bail out AIG?  Oh no, let the massively in debt US taxpayer do that.

Mammon Imperative #3:  Mammon social status–with attendant power and apparent immunity from US prosecution–derives from the degree of artistry maintained by thei individual or team financier–their daring, cool, cover-up, and not least how well they destroy America so that a New World Order can come into place.

Strategem is often an overmatch for numbers (of people).  -James Madison, in Freneau’s National Gazette, 1792, “A Candid State of Parties”, see Elkins and McPatrick:  Age of Federalism, Oxford UP, 1993, p. 268

See also Alexander Hamilton, edited by Ambrose and Martin, NY U. P., NY, 2006, pp. 224-5; R. Rutland:  James Madison, Macmillan, NY, 1987, pp. 75-7, 85, 87, 89, 97.; J. Ferling:  Adams vs. Jefferson, Oxford, UP, 2004, pp. 51-2; My Dearest Friend (Adams’ letters), edited by M. Hogan and J. Taylor, Harvard UP, Cambridge, 2997, pp. 368, 424, 431-2;  J. Ellis:  American Sphinx, Knopf, NY, 1997, p. 129; J. Ellis:  First Family, Knopf, NY, 2010, p. 180;  J. Meacham:  American Lion, Random House, NYs, 2008, pp. 267, 279; Balsiger’s Lincoln Conspiracy, ~1975, for missing pages of Booth’s diary discovered, showing Jay Cooke hired him at Astor House, NYC in Dec 1864 to get Lincoln out of the financiers’ and Radical Republicans’ way;  M. Lewis:  Liar’s Poker, Norton and Co., NY, 1989, pp. 103-4, 108;  A. Sorkin:  Too Big to Fail, Viking, NY, 2009, pp. 158, 160; M. Taibbi:  Griftopia, Spiegel and Grau, 2010, pp. 121-2 especially.  These expose Wall Street/financiers and their machinations.  Also the HPO film John Adams, 2008 is very interesting.



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