Opening of the Seventh Seal XXXII -Sanat Kumara

Pearl of Wisdom of 11-4-1979 opens with

He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me…. -Saint Luke 10

Beloved Followers of the Lamb Ever Mounting the Mount Sion:

I am preparing your consciousness for the opening of the seven seals of the book which I hold in my right hand, the book that is written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals….I come to establish the worthy in the worthiness of the Lamb by the path of Self-worth.

…contemplate the mystery of the ascension of your co-worker and friend, a chela of El Morya whom I now defend as the example and forerunner on the path of the ruby ray.  In the hours between her soul’s transition from the physical to the etheric planes on September 17 and her ascension on September 20 (1979) beloved Florence was received by Saint Germain with Lanello and magnificent seraphim standing by at the Royal Teton Retreat….From noon Monday until Thursday at dawn…she was instructed by the Brotherhood in the role the Lord had called her to, proving on the path of the ruby ray an example and a sign for chelas today and generation to come of the acceleration of light within the soul and its four outer vehicles (etheric, mental, emotional, physical).  Her path for many centuries had been that of surrender, self-sacrifice, service and selflessness guilded by the ascended masters under the four cosmic forces.  Always living for the mission of the Guru and my Messengers, she transcended earthly modes and manifestation.  Her light filled the cups of consciousness to overflowing, creating new streams of immersion in Christic love for all following the breezes of her billowing bridal garment.

The Lady Kristine–’twas the name given her by Saint Germain at La Tourelle–was then taken to the Cave of Symbols where she was seated in the atomic accelerator known as the ascension chair….

With the ascension of the Lady Kristine the saying that is written is come to pass:  “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken and the other left.”…Yes, your beloved Florence ascended in the presence of our two witnesses and that company of angels from whose bands she had descended so long ago to go after the lost sheep of her Father’s house.  She has returned gloriously gratified and beatified with many sheep in her arms.  May you also, my beloved.  Her garment may you touch for strength and hope in the essence of her holiness and for nearness to your heavenly Spouse.  For this cause and to this end we take you by the hand and lead you step by step.  This we did with the Lady Kristine.  And now she the patroness of Holland will walk with you the very same steps for your victory….

For unless you understand how desperate are the demons to convert the energy of Christ’s healing love to their own vibration of anti-Light you will not appreciate the war that is being waged from astral shores upon every part of  life–the animals, the plant-life and the Earth itself.  This Battle of Armageddon is engaged in by the demons and all adepts of the left-handed path who employ the devils to do their dirty work for the express purpose of stealing the light/ energy/consciousness of Christ (his blood) in his children and turning it against them in the ultimate defeat of the death of that soul which sinneth and repenteth not.  And often, my beloved,  the souls who do not repent are those who are held in the relentless death-grip of the sinister force and have lost the will to live or fight or eat or breathe….  God-harmony is the sword and the Word by which we conquer….

Thus the Ascended Lady Master Kristine has completed the eighth and begun the ninth initiations of the ruby ray whilst the two prophets held the balance for her, the Mother on this side of the bridge, the Father on the other.  This bridge of life is the narrow path of initiation whereby the soul crosses  the wide chasm between the nonpermanent and permanent worlds…As the bride above tosses her bouquet to the bride-to-be below it is the conferment of the fleur-de-lis–flower of the Sacred Heart–whereby the veil of the Cosmic Virgin shall be passed in due season to the “maid of honor.”…

Rather, all of our instruction is purposed by the Lord God Almighty to give to you a nucleus of light upon which to meditate and finally become so that you, my beloved, may also be with the sons of God on Sirius, the Lamb who is worthy to take the seven-sealed book from my hand and to open it.     -Sanat Kumara, see



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