6 for the Cosmic Virgin and her seed

1.  The heart must be sealed in fire–as the fire of protection and perfection–against the dissonance of the world, the jangled beat, the jealousies, the hatreds of men.  These attack the hearts of the innocent and the unwary….

For mankind know, and the charlatans know, that the manifestation of phenomena–the working of so-called miracles–is a means to filling the pockets and the purse and to personal adulation and it leads to the personality-cult consciousness.     -Mother Mary:  9-2-1973 at Atlanta via Messenger of the Brotherhood ECP


2.  The message then is no more powerful than the messenger, and you are the messengers of the Coming Revolution.  You are the sparks that fly on the 4th and every day of the year.  You are the ones who can take and implement an action that is needed now based on the awareness not alone of information but of Almighty God whose flaming presence in your hearts is a mighty beating of hearts and drums and fifes and fervor and a new patriotism that we shall live–for Liberty lives in us!  This Cause of life and liberty crosses all lines.  Therefore I say with Jesus:  let bigotry and fanaticism go down in religion and politics.  And let the new-age man and woman and child rise up to claim a lawful inheritance….

I am placing my tube of light and moment of violet flame in the midst of this New Jerusalem.  I am placing myself in the midst.  Hear me, o my beloved!  Go forth and pronounce my message and name.   -Saint Germain:  4-18-1987 at Dallas via Messenger ECP


3.   …for the protection and the securing of youth!:  …first and foremost the dedication of education upon the Word and the Sacred Heart–dedicating the three r’s as the three rays of the threefold flame; and therefore setting the foundation whereby all learning might proceed from within, from the interior castle, from the secret chamber of the heart and the soul’s ascent to that place prepared through the gentle meditations and inspirational sendings of the Messenger and their teachers.     -God Meru:  4-19-1987 Easter at Dallas via Messenger ECP


4.  May you know that unseen forces are repelled only by the aura and electromagnetic field of the chela who has taken upon himself the aura of his Guru.   -Saint Germain:  5-3-1987 at RTR, Montana


5.  And so where the light that is the positive polarity of the Great White Brotherhood and our Messengers does contact then the negative manifestation of Mater as materialism, as inordinate attachment, possessiveness, where souls have made themselves a part of the mudball of human creation, so the light beats upon the shores of anti-Mater and anti-Self.

Know this, beloved, that there is perforce the backlash toward the center…Defend then the position of your attainment.  Defend the position of those of the highest attainment within the movement and those of the least….then there also is a guardian action by and for and of those in the middle who form the vast multitudes who–when seeing the surefootedness of the leader and the footprint–will mount up and will fulfill their courses.    -Gautama Buddha:  5-13-1987 at RTR, Montana


6.  Know then that Amazonia, in counsel with Omega and the Cosmic Council, has determined to go into the depths of the astral plane in South America and to contact those places where the records of corruption and the betrayal of her mystery school did take place.  And therefore she shall, empowered by the very Godhead, move against those records of totalitarianism and tyranny of very ancient times when these fallen ones of an extraordinary stature did rage in the earth and were the spoilers in the land….

I AM Hercules and I love you.  I love you with an unending and undying love.    -Elohim Hercules:  8-9-1987 at RTR, Montana


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