Mystery of the Summit Lighthouse

  August 11, 1991–the new 33 year dispensation from 7 Masters for the Summit Lighthouse commenced; August 1996 stands at the 5:00 line of a 12 year cycle from that commencement, therefore mid May 1997 marks 5:9 on the cosmic clock, that is the crystallizing of God-wisdom.  That spring 1997 Mother helped place due process of the law into the Articles of Incorporation and on 5-13-1997 Mother responded to Deb Lindgren’s question with “We don’t need new holy orders, we need to strengthen the existing ones.”
  Andrew Blumenschein is among the Summit Lighthouse spin-offs; he apparently rivaled Neroli Duffy’s clique.  Andrew flat out denied by email the validity of Mother’s word respecting holy orders; Neroli made sure due process of the law could not be a rallying point for the opposition to her own clique–by getting a unanimous vote to delete due process in December 2004 and by making sure that Blumenschein’s idea of Order of Knights & Ladies of Ruby Cross would not belong strictly to him–how?  By having the Summit Lighthouse serve up at a half-baked Order of Knights of Ruby Cross sometime in 2004, running to the present time.  Thus petty politics has trumped common sense and the Messenger’s solemn word repeatedly.  Neroli and her clique got rid of the 2002 push for “Four Principles of Governance” blueprint since Ketino Lutidze had been part of that paper’s formulating team and since it had “local autonomy” as a principle.
  So the Neroli coup of 2003-4 ousted Ketino’s group, due process itself, the five dissenting Elders standing for due process, and in came a new holy order and “White Paper” announcing the new oligarchial model that has very little in common with Mother’s “Paradigm Shift” lecture of June 1997 given at San Diego. Neroli’s clique “won”.  Andrew went on to push his series of new holy orders, while Alex Reichardt traveled to Chicago to help Andrew’s project, even though I emailed Alex over and over to stand for Mother’s word–“no new holy orders.”   Having such standing, Alex Reichardt’s example was a crushing blow to the field of chelas who are called not to petty politics but to the unfolding Path, the relentless wave of light.    Morya’s dropped his sponsorship of the Summit Lighthouse–the thread of contact–on 4-30-1997 in favor of backing those with momentum of world service.  Mother paused for two weeks until Mother’s Day, 5-13-1997, when she announced that she herself would from that point be sponsoring through her lineage–“Morya is no longer overseeing”–this community.
  So instead of a 33 year dispensation cycle for the Summit Lighthouse perhaps we have an adjusted dispensation/sponsorship/oversight cycle commencing on 5-13-1997.  That’s 15.33 years ago.
  How will this community make it?  Will we come up with coherence, soundness, plainness, firmness, swiftness, resourcefulness, calmness?  Will we even surrender to the will of God at all?      -R.,   9-12-2012
Confucius by Jack Fang, 1973-4, San Jose’s
Overfelt Park:

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