I will return to restore the original wholeness -Maitreya

A 15th or 16th century White Lotus (Chinese Buddhist sect) text tells how Maitreya descends from paradise as a patriarch to preach to preach….”I am leaving now, but I will return to restore the original wholeness.  Those with karmic potential I will see again.”  -see:  http://books.google.com/books?id=ARcTatoXF5UC&pg=PA93&lpg=PA93&dq=clare+prophet+elixir&source=bl&ots=XeQxOLbPLs&sig=I852XK8bV6jCOudt-hS6jM0kd88&hl=en&sa=X&ei=qHprUKCMNcjIrQHyloGoBg&ved=0CEEQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20elixir&f=false


The intense action of divine light released into your use from the heart of your beloved I AM Presence–then freely charged by you with the wisdom and love of your developing threefold flame–is the finest elixir obtainable.  From this substance of immortality every potion of a spiritually energizing elixir has been compounded….Beloved ones, there must be a conscious taking in of spiritual energy.   -Kuthumi, see http://books.google.com/books?id=1X2QVI5tIhIC&pg=PA344&lpg=PA344&dq=clare+prophet+elixir&source=bl&ots=01eg1dHkf7&sig=qnn6ApGD-QCawQMDU0SVdBiHxE8&hl=en&sa=X&ei=qHprUKCMNcjIrQHyloGoBg&ved=0CF8Q6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20elixir&f=false


For once you taste the sweet elixir of victory and you know the laurel wreath of the conquering hero you will understand that when you have displayed courage through the unity of the Christ consciousness, one with God is the majority of the victory in any battle on any front anywhere in cosmos.    -Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom 18:23; see http://books.google.com/books?id=rooqOvSrDksC&pg=PA117&lpg=PA117&dq=clare+prophet+elixir&source=bl&ots=86z4T0ezNR&sig=bYHsn305XW5mga5ut0IkhZfaUoI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=_XtrUNC2HYyyqQH-g4CoDQ&ved=0CCwQ6AEwADgK#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20elixir&f=false


I AM Saint Germain your brother, your friend.  Remember me also, beloved, for I have need of friends if I am to work a miracle or two in this age….

The chime of an ancient bell now sounds.  One of my angels called by Portia does begin this chiming.  It will sound in the ear of every true son and daughter of Liberty…This chiming, beloved, shall continue as the inner call.  And if it stop its chiming, beloved, cosmos shall know that I Saint Germain have no longer opportunity to rescue the lightbearer.

-Saint Germain:  5-30-1987 at Overland Park, Kansas via Messenger ECP; see http://books.google.com/books?id=v9-n6keDGDMC&pg=PA291&lpg=PA291&dq=clare+prophet+ancient+bell+chiming&source=bl&ots=x-4C2yRGdS&sig=hjFKfPb_GwdGKA1oP0LuosxW5ZI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=HH5nUJmmFYzYigLK_4HIAg&ved=0CDsQ6AEwAg


Now we are about the challenge that does come when through an erroneous psychic prediction there has been the gathering of many thousands who are determined to achieve that number of a critical mass necessary for a vibrational convergence (by way of Harmonic Convergence Conferences of  August 1987) with the false gods of the UFOs….if the people of Earth in these numbers elect to establish this tie with these Nephilim gods and their spacecraft, if the allegiance be established and the tie made there will be no recourse from unleashing cataclysm from the highest levels of the Cosmic Council (of the Great White Brotherhood)….

Blessed ones, these civilizations of South America were peopled by the Nephilim gods.  And they also did create races even out of their own genes and out of the substance of the earth.  Thus dust to dust is the nature of this clay creation, animated not by a divine spark but as the animal creation is.  Realize then that the gods they worship are the gods that created them.  And I speak of certain lifestreams and lifewaves embodied in this hemisphere who were also embodied long ago who have left their records and who have continued to reembody and whose strain and seed of the Nephilim is with them.

Now therefore understand the metallic nature of these individuals, their glamour which does replace the existence of any aura whatsoever and their sense of association and even memory of having come here with spacecraft….These eyes boring through are of robots who are programmed to read from the level of the gene all that there is to know about an individual.  Thus they become databanks whose information is fed into a larger computer, all of which is used to program humanity against the lightbearers and their ways, to present every possible plot for mechanization man to lead your children astray….

You have only to take the steps, walk into it and claim and use the full power of my mantra for that action of the blue lightning to descend to shatter all that would be built as the antithesis of the mighty work of the ages of the Sons of God–the Christs on earth.  Blessed hearts, those who follow the cult of the UFOs have not even taken a simple decree from our dictations to learn it for they have no affinity, no fine tie, no thread of contact with the etheric octave or the Absolute Spirit….

Blessed hearts, so valiant an effort that has won so great a victory as this July 4th conference at the Ranch should not end in personal defeat for anyone who has given his all to make it happen–because of acclimating once again to a less accelerated vibration and to rest from such intense activity….We will never let you down but when you let yourself down and try to take us with you, beloved, we must let go.  For we must be about our Father’s business; and so it is your own calling….Prepare your mind and heart to be tough and to be a part of me.     -El Morya:  8-8-1987 at RTR, Montana


I recommend The Climb, 1999:



The Strategy Behind Wall Street Raping America

Mammon Imperative #1:  Reward pure greed–Wall Street runs with this maxim, then gets the US government to run with it, who in turn decide that the US taxpayers must underwrite the whole maxim to their/our last dime.

Mammon Imperative #2:  Focus on paper money.  It moves faster, and can be manipulated many more ways, than the gold standard ever could or can or will be manipulated.  Therefore AIG built by Maurice Greenberg underwrote big Wall Street banks, but not with gold.  He also got G. W. Bush post-2001 to have US taxpayers  underwrite any terrorist attack/damage of Wall Street.  When in 2008 Wall Street’s toxic paper rose so high, it was AIG at the center of the mess that “had to be” bailed out by the taxpayer.  Would Wall Street billionaires collectively bail out AIG?  Oh no, let the massively in debt US taxpayer do that.

Mammon Imperative #3:  Mammon social status–with attendant power and apparent immunity from US prosecution–derives from the degree of artistry maintained by thei individual or team financier–their daring, cool, cover-up, and not least how well they destroy America so that a New World Order can come into place.

Strategem is often an overmatch for numbers (of people).  -James Madison, in Freneau’s National Gazette, 1792, “A Candid State of Parties”, see Elkins and McPatrick:  Age of Federalism, Oxford UP, 1993, p. 268

See also Alexander Hamilton, edited by Ambrose and Martin, NY U. P., NY, 2006, pp. 224-5; R. Rutland:  James Madison, Macmillan, NY, 1987, pp. 75-7, 85, 87, 89, 97.; J. Ferling:  Adams vs. Jefferson, Oxford, UP, 2004, pp. 51-2; My Dearest Friend (Adams’ letters), edited by M. Hogan and J. Taylor, Harvard UP, Cambridge, 2997, pp. 368, 424, 431-2;  J. Ellis:  American Sphinx, Knopf, NY, 1997, p. 129; J. Ellis:  First Family, Knopf, NY, 2010, p. 180;  J. Meacham:  American Lion, Random House, NYs, 2008, pp. 267, 279; Balsiger’s Lincoln Conspiracy, ~1975, for missing pages of Booth’s diary discovered, showing Jay Cooke hired him at Astor House, NYC in Dec 1864 to get Lincoln out of the financiers’ and Radical Republicans’ way;  M. Lewis:  Liar’s Poker, Norton and Co., NY, 1989, pp. 103-4, 108;  A. Sorkin:  Too Big to Fail, Viking, NY, 2009, pp. 158, 160; M. Taibbi:  Griftopia, Spiegel and Grau, 2010, pp. 121-2 especially.  These expose Wall Street/financiers and their machinations.  Also the HPO film John Adams, 2008 is very interesting.


Opening of the Seventh Seal XXXII -Sanat Kumara

Pearl of Wisdom of 11-4-1979 opens with

He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me…. -Saint Luke 10

Beloved Followers of the Lamb Ever Mounting the Mount Sion:

I am preparing your consciousness for the opening of the seven seals of the book which I hold in my right hand, the book that is written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals….I come to establish the worthy in the worthiness of the Lamb by the path of Self-worth.

…contemplate the mystery of the ascension of your co-worker and friend, a chela of El Morya whom I now defend as the example and forerunner on the path of the ruby ray.  In the hours between her soul’s transition from the physical to the etheric planes on September 17 and her ascension on September 20 (1979) beloved Florence was received by Saint Germain with Lanello and magnificent seraphim standing by at the Royal Teton Retreat….From noon Monday until Thursday at dawn…she was instructed by the Brotherhood in the role the Lord had called her to, proving on the path of the ruby ray an example and a sign for chelas today and generation to come of the acceleration of light within the soul and its four outer vehicles (etheric, mental, emotional, physical).  Her path for many centuries had been that of surrender, self-sacrifice, service and selflessness guilded by the ascended masters under the four cosmic forces.  Always living for the mission of the Guru and my Messengers, she transcended earthly modes and manifestation.  Her light filled the cups of consciousness to overflowing, creating new streams of immersion in Christic love for all following the breezes of her billowing bridal garment.

The Lady Kristine–’twas the name given her by Saint Germain at La Tourelle–was then taken to the Cave of Symbols where she was seated in the atomic accelerator known as the ascension chair….

With the ascension of the Lady Kristine the saying that is written is come to pass:  “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken and the other left.”…Yes, your beloved Florence ascended in the presence of our two witnesses and that company of angels from whose bands she had descended so long ago to go after the lost sheep of her Father’s house.  She has returned gloriously gratified and beatified with many sheep in her arms.  May you also, my beloved.  Her garment may you touch for strength and hope in the essence of her holiness and for nearness to your heavenly Spouse.  For this cause and to this end we take you by the hand and lead you step by step.  This we did with the Lady Kristine.  And now she the patroness of Holland will walk with you the very same steps for your victory….

For unless you understand how desperate are the demons to convert the energy of Christ’s healing love to their own vibration of anti-Light you will not appreciate the war that is being waged from astral shores upon every part of  life–the animals, the plant-life and the Earth itself.  This Battle of Armageddon is engaged in by the demons and all adepts of the left-handed path who employ the devils to do their dirty work for the express purpose of stealing the light/ energy/consciousness of Christ (his blood) in his children and turning it against them in the ultimate defeat of the death of that soul which sinneth and repenteth not.  And often, my beloved,  the souls who do not repent are those who are held in the relentless death-grip of the sinister force and have lost the will to live or fight or eat or breathe….  God-harmony is the sword and the Word by which we conquer….

Thus the Ascended Lady Master Kristine has completed the eighth and begun the ninth initiations of the ruby ray whilst the two prophets held the balance for her, the Mother on this side of the bridge, the Father on the other.  This bridge of life is the narrow path of initiation whereby the soul crosses  the wide chasm between the nonpermanent and permanent worlds…As the bride above tosses her bouquet to the bride-to-be below it is the conferment of the fleur-de-lis–flower of the Sacred Heart–whereby the veil of the Cosmic Virgin shall be passed in due season to the “maid of honor.”…

Rather, all of our instruction is purposed by the Lord God Almighty to give to you a nucleus of light upon which to meditate and finally become so that you, my beloved, may also be with the sons of God on Sirius, the Lamb who is worthy to take the seven-sealed book from my hand and to open it.     -Sanat Kumara, see http://books.google.com/books?id=CjEkT9Sgo1UC&pg=PA243&lpg=PA243&dq=clare+prophet+seventh+seal+kristine&source=bl&ots=YPUXBFSJLj&sig=2QPCknkpdbgtJcsSG0vFuPkH2Kg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=X8VXUPTNCMiWiALy44DgBA&ved=0CC8Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20seventh%20seal%20kristine&f=false


6 for the Cosmic Virgin and her seed

1.  The heart must be sealed in fire–as the fire of protection and perfection–against the dissonance of the world, the jangled beat, the jealousies, the hatreds of men.  These attack the hearts of the innocent and the unwary….

For mankind know, and the charlatans know, that the manifestation of phenomena–the working of so-called miracles–is a means to filling the pockets and the purse and to personal adulation and it leads to the personality-cult consciousness.     -Mother Mary:  9-2-1973 at Atlanta via Messenger of the Brotherhood ECP


2.  The message then is no more powerful than the messenger, and you are the messengers of the Coming Revolution.  You are the sparks that fly on the 4th and every day of the year.  You are the ones who can take and implement an action that is needed now based on the awareness not alone of information but of Almighty God whose flaming presence in your hearts is a mighty beating of hearts and drums and fifes and fervor and a new patriotism that we shall live–for Liberty lives in us!  This Cause of life and liberty crosses all lines.  Therefore I say with Jesus:  let bigotry and fanaticism go down in religion and politics.  And let the new-age man and woman and child rise up to claim a lawful inheritance….

I am placing my tube of light and moment of violet flame in the midst of this New Jerusalem.  I am placing myself in the midst.  Hear me, o my beloved!  Go forth and pronounce my message and name.   -Saint Germain:  4-18-1987 at Dallas via Messenger ECP


3.   …for the protection and the securing of youth!:  …first and foremost the dedication of education upon the Word and the Sacred Heart–dedicating the three r’s as the three rays of the threefold flame; and therefore setting the foundation whereby all learning might proceed from within, from the interior castle, from the secret chamber of the heart and the soul’s ascent to that place prepared through the gentle meditations and inspirational sendings of the Messenger and their teachers.     -God Meru:  4-19-1987 Easter at Dallas via Messenger ECP


4.  May you know that unseen forces are repelled only by the aura and electromagnetic field of the chela who has taken upon himself the aura of his Guru.   -Saint Germain:  5-3-1987 at RTR, Montana


5.  And so where the light that is the positive polarity of the Great White Brotherhood and our Messengers does contact then the negative manifestation of Mater as materialism, as inordinate attachment, possessiveness, where souls have made themselves a part of the mudball of human creation, so the light beats upon the shores of anti-Mater and anti-Self.

Know this, beloved, that there is perforce the backlash toward the center…Defend then the position of your attainment.  Defend the position of those of the highest attainment within the movement and those of the least….then there also is a guardian action by and for and of those in the middle who form the vast multitudes who–when seeing the surefootedness of the leader and the footprint–will mount up and will fulfill their courses.    -Gautama Buddha:  5-13-1987 at RTR, Montana


6.  Know then that Amazonia, in counsel with Omega and the Cosmic Council, has determined to go into the depths of the astral plane in South America and to contact those places where the records of corruption and the betrayal of her mystery school did take place.  And therefore she shall, empowered by the very Godhead, move against those records of totalitarianism and tyranny of very ancient times when these fallen ones of an extraordinary stature did rage in the earth and were the spoilers in the land….

I AM Hercules and I love you.  I love you with an unending and undying love.    -Elohim Hercules:  8-9-1987 at RTR, Montana

Mystery of the Summit Lighthouse

  August 11, 1991–the new 33 year dispensation from 7 Masters for the Summit Lighthouse commenced; August 1996 stands at the 5:00 line of a 12 year cycle from that commencement, therefore mid May 1997 marks 5:9 on the cosmic clock, that is the crystallizing of God-wisdom.  That spring 1997 Mother helped place due process of the law into the Articles of Incorporation and on 5-13-1997 Mother responded to Deb Lindgren’s question with “We don’t need new holy orders, we need to strengthen the existing ones.”
  Andrew Blumenschein is among the Summit Lighthouse spin-offs; he apparently rivaled Neroli Duffy’s clique.  Andrew flat out denied by email the validity of Mother’s word respecting holy orders; Neroli made sure due process of the law could not be a rallying point for the opposition to her own clique–by getting a unanimous vote to delete due process in December 2004 and by making sure that Blumenschein’s idea of Order of Knights & Ladies of Ruby Cross would not belong strictly to him–how?  By having the Summit Lighthouse serve up at tsl.org a half-baked Order of Knights of Ruby Cross sometime in 2004, running to the present time.  Thus petty politics has trumped common sense and the Messenger’s solemn word repeatedly.  Neroli and her clique got rid of the 2002 push for “Four Principles of Governance” blueprint since Ketino Lutidze had been part of that paper’s formulating team and since it had “local autonomy” as a principle.
  So the Neroli coup of 2003-4 ousted Ketino’s group, due process itself, the five dissenting Elders standing for due process, and in came a new holy order and “White Paper” announcing the new oligarchial model that has very little in common with Mother’s “Paradigm Shift” lecture of June 1997 given at San Diego. Neroli’s clique “won”.  Andrew went on to push his series of new holy orders, while Alex Reichardt traveled to Chicago to help Andrew’s project, even though I emailed Alex over and over to stand for Mother’s word–“no new holy orders.”   Having such standing, Alex Reichardt’s example was a crushing blow to the field of chelas who are called not to petty politics but to the unfolding Path, the relentless wave of light.    Morya’s dropped his sponsorship of the Summit Lighthouse–the thread of contact–on 4-30-1997 in favor of backing those with momentum of world service.  Mother paused for two weeks until Mother’s Day, 5-13-1997, when she announced that she herself would from that point be sponsoring through her lineage–“Morya is no longer overseeing”–this community.
  So instead of a 33 year dispensation cycle for the Summit Lighthouse perhaps we have an adjusted dispensation/sponsorship/oversight cycle commencing on 5-13-1997.  That’s 15.33 years ago.
  How will this community make it?  Will we come up with coherence, soundness, plainness, firmness, swiftness, resourcefulness, calmness?  Will we even surrender to the will of God at all?      -R.,   9-12-2012
Confucius by Jack Fang, 1973-4, San Jose’s
Overfelt Park:

After the battle of Borodino Napoleon pushed on to Moscow




   After the battle of Borodino Napoleon pushed on to Moscow in September 1812.  “Certainly” he was the new standard for all Europe!  The Russian high command saw things differently.  The RTR staff in southwest Montana think also they have magnetized the mantles of a master.*  Putin too is wrong about the resistance to Napoleon:  Russians weren’t “dying for Moscow” so much as asserting liberty in the face of the next tyrant on the stage.   -Roger, 9-8-2012 *ever heard of “no new holy orders” and “due process of the law” or do you just pretend these don’t exist?

After the Battle of Borodino Napoleon pushed on to Moscow

  After the Battle of Borodino Napoleon pushed on to Moscow in September 1812.  “Certainly” he was the new standard for all Europe!  The Russian high command saw things differently.  Nor is the RTR staff in southwest Montana the new standard, though they think they have magnetized the mantles of Messenger ECP*.  Justice and the Cause easily go deep enough to burn off a Moscow or two, leaving some quite in the lurch as of old.

   Putin too is wrong about the resistance to Napoleon:  Russians weren’t so much “dying for Moscow” as asserting liberty in the face of the next tyrant on the stage.     -Roger, 9-8-2012

*Some pretend they’ve not heard of “no new holy orders”; some pretend that deleting due process of the law is unimportant–but the RTR staff in 2004 made sure to take a certain stand on both matters, although against Messenger ECP’s word on both.