There is a Benign Form and a Malignant Form of Capitalism

  What is meant by Federal Reserve System, central banking, capitalism, domination, dominion and gold standard?  How can present day civilization evolve without understanding these fundamental principles and deceptions?

  “The unexamined life is not worth living,” said Socrates.  It isn’t terminology per se that requires close examination but principles and deceptions in living context. The pack-leader of dogs/wolves probably leads by domination.  Horses however are quite evolved; it isn’t domination that is their principle but it is a whole horse “culture”, if you will, that leads horses onward.  Mankind can build a power structure to dominate others, but to evolve/understand/transcend ourselves we require better than domination.  Mankind generally believe itself through technology to have surpassed and replaced the horse by mechanical horsepower; but there is more to horses than horsepower, much more. 

  Science, most people have been persuaded, is a domination of nature.  But the reality here is deep:  “To command nature one must first obey,” wrote Sir Francis Bacon; this axiom reveals that science requires more than domination.  Dominion, or taking dominion, in fact is not through power domination but through a harmonious balance and/or a golden mean approach–that is, wisdom unfolds her path.  Trees, birds, horses, and realization in man of fundamental principles all work their wonders to unfold an enlightened path.  Likewise with the gold standard.

  Capitalism appears at first to simply describe a system where capital is a very key factor.  However, when capital (money) becomes the only driving raison d’etre of a whole economic system, the God to which all other factors bend or break, then we know this as monopoly capitalism or ruthless, greedy, rigged capitalism.  Thus there is a benign form and a malignant form of capitalism; many things concerning man are double-edged because thought itself can be so double-edged.  Man simply cannot afford to reduce himself to the level of dogs dominating dogs.  Since horses pick up the spirit of life out of the wind, so can we.      -Roger  

-Jupiter high above rockface, upper Sacramento River 
-Shasta dawn on Sunday August 26, 2012

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